Live at Barnhill’s!

Today, I was invited to have a book signing in Winston-Salem, NC at Barnhill’s Bookstore.

Barnhill's Sign Announcing My Arrival
Barnhill's Sign Announcing My Arrival

Here is a picture of Randy and I today at Barnhill’s in Winston-Salem, NC.

Sarah arrived:

The celebrated author:

Author and Barnhill’s Employees:

More people showed up:

And more people:

And even more people:

And the author again:

What It Means When God Goes On Strike-my book. (Second Edition just published!)

My book entitled, “What It Means When God Goes On Strike” is now available. The second edition is out now! New publisher, new size, new page type.

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It’s my story surrounding the PATCO Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike in 1981. My husband was one of the controllers who was fired by Ronald Reagan and you can read about the chain of events that caused us to spiral down to the depths. We made it through and came out on the other side better people and more grounded, so it has a happy ending!

After you order your book, come back and email me to let me know. I really appreciate your interest! 🙂

Use the following links to order:

Barnes And Noble: 

Books A Million: