Prayer Guide The Scent of Water

Prayer Guide June 17, 2011

The Scent of Water

James Gailliard in a sermon was talking about how God values women as communicators of His word. He reflected that a lot of
people and some denominations think women shouldn’t preach or teach. But he says that is not true according to God.

When God wanted to communicate with mankind, He put His Son (the Word of God—His communication) inside of a woman. So when she gave birth, it was not only to a child, but to the Word of God.

Now, that’s powerful! You know God could have just said, “Poof” and Jesus could have been on earth as a grown man instantly. But that is not how He chose to send Him.

Naomi Zacharius has written a book entitled, The Scent of Water,
Grace for Every Kind of Brokenness. The scripture reference for this is Job 14: 7-9 (INIV)

At least there is hope for a tree;
If it is cut down, it will sprout again,
And its new shoots will not fail.
Its roots may grow old in the ground
And its stump die in the soil,
Yet at the scent of water it will bud
And put forth shoots like a plant.

To me, this speaks of the power of Jesus (the Living Water). The woman with the issue of blood knew how much power was in just the fringes of Christ. She knew she didn’t have to grab hold of His body to be healed. All she had to do was touch the edge of His clothing.

You’ve heard others say, “Stop and smell the roses” when they are talking about taking time to enjoy life. I’m suggesting you take time to smell the scent of the Living Water(Jesus). Because there is anointing, healing, restoration, in the very air we breathe when we are in the presence of Christ. Linger at the Rose of Sharon to allow that fragrance to penetrate your marrow.

If you rush through a place, there is no danger of the scent staying on you. However, if you are in one place long enough, you will carry that place with you when you leave.

The mere scent of the Living Water is strong enough to bring the dead and broken back to life. I’ve known several people who were so far gone physically, they were planning their funeral. Yet, today those same individuals have full, abundant lives because nothing or no one is so far gone that God can’t bring it back and restore it.

Relationships can be restored and be better than they ever were before. In my own marriage, there were times when my relationship with my husband was dead. When I cried out in desperation to God for help, He restored that relationship to better than it had ever been.

That is not to say He didn’t require my total obedience in doing so.
I had to crawl on an altar and die to every right I thought I had, so that He could do the work He needed to do in me, most of all, and then in the relationship.

I would tell friends, “I’m being obedient to God through my husband.” I knew that God had placed my husband over me as my authority and God requires that we submit to authority.

As a result, many miracles have taken place. God has certainly done a work in me in my wilderness experience and continues to do so. There were many things He had to work out of me, and I have learned what God means by submission.

The Potter cannot work with clay that is not pliable.

Naomi Zacharius has gone to countries where women are placed behind glass windows like a shopping mall for men to pick which one they want. In speaking with these women and inviting them to church, Naomi has heard them say, “The church people will not accept me, but look down on me.”

Naomi knows this is true. It is too bad we “church people” don’t have the grace that Jesus Christ offers everyone without condemnation and judgment. Jesus has that “grace for every kind of brokenness” that somehow gets into lives whether they have chosen it or not. Many broken people don’t want to be in the situations they are in, but don’t know the way to Jesus.

Please pray for broken men and women that they will be able to detect the scent of Christ on you and ask you the way.

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