What It Means When God Goes On Strike-my book. (Second Edition just published!)

My book entitled, “What It Means When God Goes On Strike” is now available. The second edition is out now! New publisher, new size, new page type.

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It’s my story surrounding the PATCO Air Traffic Controllers’ Strike in 1981. My husband was one of the controllers who was fired by Ronald Reagan and you can read about the chain of events that caused us to spiral down to the depths. We made it through and came out on the other side better people and more grounded, so it has a happy ending!

After you order your book, come back and email me to let me know. I really appreciate your interest! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “What It Means When God Goes On Strike-my book. (Second Edition just published!)

  • I have read your book, in one sitting, I have never read a book in one sitting. The book is awesome. You have been though a lot, but with God’s help you got though it. It shows all people( men and women alike) what God can do. I am glad you are part of my family.

  • I truly enjoyed reading Cathy Langston’s inspirational book,When God Goes On Strike. What an appropriate title! When all seems lost and we human beings are trying to guide our own destiny, God does turn things around, After all, He knows best,It’s a matter of letting go that is sooooooo difficult for us. Cathy reveals a love of God and faith that takes her and her family through some rough, challenging patches.
    I taught Cathy’s son Steve English, drama, etc. He is as talented as his mom.With his devoted and expert help, his mother brought to life trials and tribulations that could have devastated any human being. Yet, she maintained a sense of hope that no one could take from her.She cites scripture to re -enforce her steadfastness in God.
    It didn’t take long for me to peruse this uplifting memoir at one sitting. I guess I wanted to find out more about a wonderful student’s background too. As a teacher, one can teach the basics,yet it is more difficult to understand where the student hails. Cathy Langston gave this one former teacher an insightful journey which I am grateful for.

  • Hi, Just finished the book. IT IS GREAT,JUST LOVE IT. [My son] said the same. Very inspirational. Keep up the good work and God will continue to bless you and the family.
    -V.F. Henderson, NC

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